Turn Small Dogs Into City Slickers

Owning small dogs in the city (or being owned by one) can create a lot of problems. Trust me, I've had plenty of first-hand experience in that department. And I'm not just talking about your furry best friend not liking strangers or barking all day long. For dogs, the city is full of dangers. From being stepped on, stepping in broken glass to "yummy" yet dangerous left-overs on the ground.

Whether you're thinking about buying a dog, or already have one, you probably have quite a few questions concerning dogs and city life.

Can you really keep a dog in an apartment? How do you housetrain it when you live on the 10th floor? What if it doesn't like to be left alone? What kind of dog services can help me out?

I'll try to answer all these questions and more.

Of course it all starts with choosing the right dog breed. You don't want to lock an energetic border collie in a small appartment in the city. That's a recipe for disaster...at least, for your furniture and neighbours.

The list of small dog breeds shows you the good and bad about every breed. Including what character traits you'll need to pay extra attention to and how to deal with them.

Now I know a lot of information is available on dog training. Finding specific training tips for your city dog is something else entirely. Yet having a dog that's well adjusted to city life can make your life and the relationship with your dog a lot more enjoyable. I'll give you specific tips and tricks to make sure your dog is everybody's best friend, not just yours.

You'll also find a lot more info on dog supplies, health care, services, food,...

Anything to improve your canine friendship.

Go ahead, click around, make yourself at home. After all, my couch [snatch], I mean my dog's couch, is your couch.

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